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Mr. Komgrit Seeprasert has over 15 years working experience in the airline industry.

During his first year in cargo operations with TAGS, a major ground handling company, he had the opportunity to learn airfreight logistics through his clerical work in the cargo offices of LH and UA airlines. Both of which were TAGS airline customers.

He subsequently took charge of TAGS Training Department for five years, from 1993 to 1997.  In 1995, while being the Training Manager, he undertook his first overseas DGR training at NW Airlinestraining center in Tokyo, Japan.

In June 1997, he was sent to America on a mission to obtain the IATA DGR certification from the then IATA Learning Center in Miami.  He was competent enough to succeed and then officially began his career as a DG instructor.

During his studies to become an IATA approved DG instructor, he attended the ‘Professional Skills forDGR Instructors’ course at the IATA Aviation Training and Development Institute in Geneva and passed the course in February 2002.

In September 2004, through his endeavors, he succeeded in establishing the first and only IATA Dangerous Goods Accredited School in Thailand.

Since then, he has been holding public DGR courses for shippers, packers, freight forwarders, all categories of Airline Staff including station managers, and all other people involved in the transport ofdangerous goods.

With a view of having more control over his own working life, he left TAGS and joined DG & Law Consulting in November, 2007.

As for his education, Mr. Komgrit Seeprasert received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Khon KaenUniversity, a Master of Business Administration Degree from Kasetsart University, and a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University.


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